About Us

Joining work with passion for innovation.

Our ethics

Through the most of human civilization’s history men exploited earth’s riches without second thought as nature was seen as a domain to conquer. This thinking is changing and our ideals are on par with people who try to use nature resources with care and efficiency.

Systems we design, directly reduce energy consumption and also, make the current usage more efficient in effect and cost. We are convinced that our and our partner’s efforts translate directly into environmental gains, which will make future generation’s life better.

Our idea

Energy storage in power grid is costly, cumbersome and ineffective – in many practical situations. So, in our enterprise we decided on the possible and reachable – better use of produced power through notably more accurate, local and intelligent management of the energy consumption graph.

We rely on natural fluctuation of consumption, energy costs, unrecognised flexibility in demand, heat accumulation in building construction and more precise recognition of true energy needs.

Our solution

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems governing is mostly the area of adjustment, as it is where one gain the most and where we can store energy inside the building mass by heat accumulation synchronized properly with momentary market energy cost. All that supported with smart algorithms of demand measurement and qualified remote monitoring.

Property owners gain instant advantage in costs coming from the use of our methodology and VEMS system.