BMS & Facility Management

We provide the comprehensive facilities management and on-going operations.

The integrated BMS VEMS solution is responsible for the ongoing management of the building’s needs or VEMS can be integrated with existing BMS, which exceeds operating scope of the VEMS.

BMS and FM solution gives particular advantage – friendly billing and oversight system and one partner with full responsibility.

As a part of our facilities management we are ready to prepare the further optimization of the energy consumption by the analysing and changing work plans as well as the improving of qualifications and responsibilities of the support staff and the knowledge improving of the operation of all building systems.

We also show the difficulties in perceiving the relations between the methods of the system operation and maintenance of the building in the context of the energy consumption.

Our BMS-VEMS and the facility management include:

• Energy audit and the audit of organization in terms of the energy efficiency
• Implementation and a constant monitoring of the VEMS system
• Analysis and optimization of the technical infrastructure of the building in the aspect of the integration with VEMS
• Billing of the media and service providers
• Maintenance and repairs
• Immediate emergency response and service of tenant’s requests
• Security

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