BMS Optimization Services

Our services

We offer the installation of VEMS to optimize the operation of the current or new BMS.

The VEMS is an innovative system that uses algorithms originating from a computer programs that simulate an artificial intelligence and adds supervision of the operators. The VEMS is especially dedicated to the optimization of HVAC systems i.e. integrating heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the building.

When you have the benefit of VEMS.

The productivity improvement by the VEMS has an effect especially when the BMS system is used in buildings used by frequently changing number of users. Good example are cinemas and shopping malls. These are an environments with high peaks of customer numbers, differing averages and lows not always clearly correlated with daily or weekly cycles.

The VEMS algorithms are responsible for the optimization of BMS systems, but are supported by specialized measuring equipment gathering real time user data and also monitored by qualified operators from our central monitoring hub.

The VEMS architecture enables the immediate detection of equipment failures, accidental manual overrides, weather anomalies etc.

The training of the client’s operators is a part of the VEMS package. Simple, intuitive client interface can be quickly implemented and it is easy to manage system for the local BMS or FM operator.


We assist our clients at every stage of the VEMS installation.

We offer:

  • The preliminary measurements with the economic efficiency analysis.
  • VEMS’s adaptation to the existing BMS system or the installation of integrated BMS-VEMS system.
  • Specific conditions of adjustment of the VEMS client – customized architecture, drivers, algorithms, measuring system.
  • The modification and adjustment of the system for the special cases – qualified team at the client disposal.
  • The VEMS provides the compatibility with drivers specific to the use industrial buildings with the centralized HVAC systems.
  • A lot of ready-made solutions.

The business model

We offer ESCO contracts or the one-time contract model.